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Owners FAQ

We have received questions from interested property owners about our vacation rental management program. We are sure you have questions too and we want to remain as transparent as possible so that you know exactly what type of business relationship we hope to develop with you.

We will update these FAQ’s as we receive questions from interested owners. If you have questions you would like for us to answer, please use our Contact Form and we will answer your questions usually within the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do other owners say about your service?

    We are glad you asked that question. Our Marketing Manager interviewed some of our owners to see how we were doing. We were blown away by the responses. We have audio recordings and written transcripts of the interviews. If you would like to read the transcripts or listen to the interviews, send us an email to info@paradisebeachrentals.com and we will share them with you.

  • What is my next step?

    Are you ready for us to manage your property? Or you do you need additional information? Either way, we would love to speak with you! We would like to learn more about your property, hear your goals and concerns and discuss how we can partner to get the highest return on investment for your beach home.

    Call Michael, directly, at 850.450.2400 or send him an email to: mj@paradisebeachrentals.com to set up a time to speak further.

  • What is the Management fee that I will pay for you to manage my property?

    Our Management fee to manage your property is a sliding scale based on gross rental revenue. The maximum fee is 28% and it drops to the discounted rate of 20% for the highest level of rental revenue. To determine your exact fee, contact us and we will complete an assessment and rental revenue projection for your property.

  • Will I have any additional expenses to get started?

    Our goal is to assist you in gaining the highest return on your investment. Therefore, we attempt to keep your initial costs and fees to a minimum. Currently, we require our owners to purchase 3 sets of linens, at wholesale prices, from our vetted source. The annual subscription to VRBO is another requirement and that fee is currently $499. For security and guest experience, we also have keyless locks on all properties. If a Kaba lock exists on the property entrance, the only cost will be to sync to the Paradise Beach Rentals account. Otherwise, we will ask that a Yale keyless lock and HUB be installed. Our team will coordinate the installation and the owner will pay for the hardware which is currently $300.

  • What makes you different from the competition?

    We are local. We hustle more than anyone else. And we are owners ourselves, so we know what it is like to be in your position. PLUS, we work hard to provide an excellent experience for both the guest and you the owner by doing the following:

    • Rapid response to maintenance issues
    • Easy access to our leadership team
    • No red tape for decisions to be made
    • 24/7 local customer support
    • Seamless check in for guests
    • No “gotcha” fees for guest or owners
    • Constant assessment & analysis to maximize rental revenue
    • We treat your property as if we are the owner

  • Why should I let you manage my property instead of a big, national company?

    There are currently at least 2 very large, national companies that are impacting this industry. They do some things very well and we applaud them. However, we believe there is value to being a focused company in one geographic area. We know the 30A area of Florida’s Panhandle better than anyone. We can answer potential guests’ questions about the area and your property in a way that an overseas call center can’t. We also believe owners like you can benefit from a company that is focused on your property and a few others instead of 1,000’s of properties all over the country.

  • Do you specialize in a specific geographic area?

    We are focused on Scenic Highway 30A, Inlet Beach and Panama City Beach, all located along Florida's Panhandle. By targeting a small geographic area, we can provide excellent service to both guests and owners.

  • How will you market my property?

    We have a comprehensive marketing strategy for our company AND individual properties like yours. We have a dedicated Marketing Specialist that oversees all of our efforts that include, but is not limited to HomeAway, VRBO, Booking.com, Airbnb, Google ads and other platforms. We also have a large targeted email list of past guests and future guests that we are communicating with on a regular basis.

    We are very aggressive on multiple Social Media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We have a dedicated Social Media expert that manages all of our accounts and implements strategies to increase the visibility of your property using both organic and paid marketing methods.

    We encourage and invite you to see what we are doing. Visit our Facebook and Instagram accounts here:

    Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/paradisebeachrentals/
    Instagram link - https://www.instagram.com/paradisebeachrentals/
    Pinterest link: https://www.pinterest.com/30AParadiseBch/paradise-beach-rentals/

  • What upgrades would increase my rental income?

    We want to partner with you to provide the most rental income for your property, which also means the best experience for rental guests. We constantly monitor and inspect every property to insure they are focused on the guest experience. If we identify any improvements or upgrades that will increase the value of your home, we will communicate those with you and develop a strategy together.

  • How do you handle transitions from other rental companies?

    We do all that we can to make the move from another rental company as smooth as possible. If you have a concern about switching from your current management company, we recommend a strategy call with our team to identify a transition plan.

  • Do you have a thorough inspection process?

    Constant oversight of your property is critical to keeping it safe, secure and up to date. Our inspection system begins at checkout and there are numerous inspection steps before the next guest arrives. We are proud of the system that we have in place and would welcome additional questions about our detailed process.

  • How do you deal with guest damage?

    We charge a security deposit between $350 - $1000, depending on the property. The security deposit is not refunded until property has been inspected by Paradise Beach Rentals.

  • What about friends and family?

    We have no restrictions on personal use of the home. As the owner, you should be allowed to use the home as often as you please. If you have any family or friends who visit the property for free, we will take care of them just like any other guest at absolutely no Management fee charged to you.

  • What do you provide in our monthly Owner statement?

    Your monthly Owner statement shows all income and expenses (including our Management fee), for the (current) month. Within the statement you will see a line item for each reservation, along with a separate line item for each expense, showing the cost of any goods or labor performed. We strive to give you as much information as possible each month.

  • How do I track my rentals?

    Transparency is a big part of our business model and we want you to be able to access the information instantly. We will set you up with a personal login, to our software, that allows you to review all bookings, at any time from the comfort of your home or office. You can also run monthly and annual profit and loss statements to provide to your Accountant.

  • Do you charge owners for credit card fees?

    Owners are never charged for credit card fees. Credit card fees are a part of doing business and we assume that is our responsibility as the management company.

  • Who pays for cleaning fees?

    The cleaning fees are charged to the guest. We then pay the cleaning fees directly to our cleaning companies. The only time you will be charged a cleaning fee is if you or your family (or friends) use the property. So, any ‘non-revenue’ stay the cleaning fee will be charged to the owner.

  • How are linens laundered?

    All of our linens are laundered to the highest standards and the entire process is coordinated by our operations team. When our cleaning team goes into the property, they remove all linens from that stay, whether they look used or not. The cleaning team then restocks the home with a full, professionally laundered set. The linens are sent to a commercial facility to ensure they are laundered to Florida Hotel standards. (The water temperature must be at or above 165 degrees).

  • Who is responsible for the accounting and filing of taxes for my property?

    Paradise Beach Rentals will collect all area taxes and fees from the guest, and we will file and pay these on your behalf. We are established with the State of Florida and have a sales tax certificate (for each county we do business in). At the end of the year, a 1099 will be sent to you for tax purposes.

  • Are you licensed to manage individual homes and condominiums in the state of Florida?

    Yes, we are licensed to manage individual homes and condos in the state of Florida. We have a Collective Resort Dwelling license under the provisions of Chapter 509 FS issued by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations Hotels and Food Services Division that allows us to manage short term transient rental homes and condominiums without having to work under Florida State Statutes 475 requiring that we be licensed Real Estate Brokers. As a result, each property we manage must be licensed under our license or each property owner must possess their own license to rent their unit out.